LBD Myth Busting: Is “The Little Black Dress” really every girl’s best friend?

See which US cities love little black dresses the most. The results may surprise you!

We compiled data for the top 10 most popular dresses sold on in each of the top 10 U.S. cities (by population) in 2015.

At least 2 black dresses popped up in the top 10 of each city  BUT the number one was not always an LBD! Compare the data yourself in this LBD Trend Infographic:




12SE-080-01015-1_1_1-(1) WC-1433869766-049SE-095-12611-1 (1) 027SE-094-05244-3_1RD-1429296040-047SE-095-12019-1

PN-1437585824-049SE-304-13119-1 027SE-094-05245-3_1JH-1438712827-050SE-304-13499-3 DX-1432066305-049SE-133-12820-1 (1)

FK-1417030700-044SE-202-11018-1 (1) 015SE-128-03825-3_1NB-1432758795-049SE-334-12719-1050SE-306-13721-3

YJ-1427497439-047SE-095-11884-3 UM-1426532454-047SE-107-11852-3 IO-1426810576-047SE-095-11816-3FR-1429743209-047SE-317-11872-1

FM-1415739145-044SE-272-10652-3AP-1433436546-049SE-095-12595-3 015SE-091-03828-3_111216_3    

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