Beyond Black: DIY Sexy Halloween Costumes 2015

Go beyond basic black with colorful dresses you can use for a DIY Halloween costume!

Save money and look smoking hot on Halloween! Don’t get fooled into spending $40-$60 on a bagged costume you’ll never wear again.

Inexpensive accessories and makeup go a long way when you add them to your favorite sexy dress. Looking super hot in a  real dress you can wear long after Halloween is over? Yes please!

Of course, dressing up your favorite LBD is a no brainer! We have great tips for building a sexy vampire, witch or kitty cat with a little black dress. If you’re feeling more colorful this year, read on!


Easy DIY Red Dress Costumes

Devil Diva. All you need are horns and tail. Super easy to find basically anywhere costumes are sold and really easy to wear. Add some red lipstick and you’re done.

Sugar Skull Babe. Black and white face paint and a red rose will take you far with this costume. There are tons of sugar skull makeup tutorials on the internet for various makeup skill levels.

Red Riding Hood. Just a red cape with a hood and you’ll have the Big Bad Wolf drooling at your feet.


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Easy DIY White Dress Costumes

Naughty Nurse. A sexy Halloween costume classic! Just add an easy to find “nurse accessories kit” and you’re ready to go.

Ghostly Bride. If you’re a little crafty, this one’s for you. Pin a piece of white tulle in your hairdo for the veil and get some dark purple/black  fake flowers to make a bouquet. Use white face paint and purple makeup shades to go crazy with spooky-sexy makeup.

Angel Baby. Another costume classic that couldn’t be simpler! Just add wings. Go for bonus with soft shimmery makeup and glittery accents.



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Easy DIY Pink Dress Costumes

Barbie Girl. Hello, every girl wants to be Barbie! Grab a blond wig and some white or pink pumps and you’re  ready to jump in your pink corvette and head to the Malibu Dream House.

Fairy Princess. Who can resist a sparkly tiara? Halloween stores have really upped their selection of wings so you’ll have tons of choices!

Beauty Bunny. Do the sexy bunny costume with a twist and stand out from the crowd. Instead of the traditional black leotard add your ears and tail to a sexy pink dress. Bonus- that fluffy tail totally draws attention to your best assets.


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